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Ukje, the start

Bel met of mail Sifra die zorgt voor de klantenservice van Ukje.nl

Some years ago, my husband and me had our first child. We got hold of a handy baby bouncer, the BabyBjorn. The cover of the baby bouncer was washed out had an ugly, pale dark blue colour. The house looked a little bit chaotic with all the different furniture. Moreover, the baby bouncer was dirty because of the porridge.

“It really can’t stay like that any longer”, I thought. I need to invent something! A baby bouncer cover! Made from pink canvas and pink like a candy cane. But the cover was nice and functional, and the cover matched with the interior. And spilling was not a problem anymore, the cover could be washed easily.

After the baby bouncer cover, I designed the play mats, the cover for the Stokke Newborn and the car seat covers!

And now, about 6 years later, Ukje grew to the cover paradise for baby furniture. My name is Sifra Douma and I every day, I am busy to design new covers. Next to me, there is a wonderful team of creative minds. Together, we do our very best to get our beautiful covers as fast as possible to our clients. Do you have a piece of baby furniture that would really shine with a cover from Ukje and you don’t find covers for it on our website? Please mail us at service@ukje.nl, we really appreciate that!

Warm regards on behalf of Team Ukje,

Questions? Call +31 (0)320 - 320 123 or mail to service@ukje.nl.

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