Car seat footmuff

Time for a nice maxi cosi footmuff! The fresh months are about to come and you may wonder how to choose the best cosy toe?  

1. Baby footmuff 

At Ukje we also have small children. And what we find very important is organic cotton.

We work with this as much as possible. Why? It is better for the earth and therefore also for the new generation to come. In addition, the fabric is of fantastic quality. Cotton is a natural product and therefore gives exactly the right warmth. That is best for your child.

You will not find synthetic fabrics for babies at Ukje. Think of fleece fabric or fabrics that look like a coat. These are polyester fabrics and make your child get too hot or shivery.

We do not like that and prefer to give all babies and toddlers a cotton footmuff.


stroller footmuff


2. Maxi Cosi footmuff and Cybex footmuff

The baby footmuff from Ukje is a universal footmuff. You can therefore use them for any car seat. Think of the Maxi Cosi, Cybex Cloud Q / Z, BeSafe Izi Go, Joolz and Stokke chairs. They also fit perfectly for stroller footmuff, such as Bugaboo footmuff. You can use them on all models!


Pram footmuff

3. Stylish print

A footmuff will last for a while, so it is of course nice to choose a fancy print. See here which prints and colors you like best. It is of course super fun to put together a set. Also very cool to ask for this gift for your baby shower. You can combine the pram cosy toe with the matching car seat covers, sun canopies and belt pads. This way you can go on the street in style. You can also use the footmuff in the stroller's lounger.


4. Waffle fabric, rib fabric or luxury velor?

At Ukje you can choose from 3 materials. The outside of the footmuffs can be made of: waffle fabric, rib fabric or luxury velor. Waffle fabric gives a soft atmosphere, rib fabric a bit tougher and velvet super deluxe. The velor footmuffs are finished with gold details.

Take a look and order your favorite footmuffs.

When June rhymes with Family

Lock down phase 2 : This long-awaited freedom finally shows up

Sun canopy ukje


A summer felling is coming, warm and sunny days and with it, visits to families and meetings with friends!
These last months of lock down have been for a very large number of us, the most trying and sometimes endless. But hope is back and we are impatient to be able to enjoy gentle walks in the forest, near a lake or even to plan a barbecue in our garden.




If you take a closer look, the month of June is filled with family holidays. Mother's Day, Father's Day, but also World Day Against Child Labor.

We were lucky because despite the current situation, Mother's Day was able to be celebrated and many mothers and grandmothers were able to see their children and grandchildren with immense joy after so many days of isolation.

If we train ourselves to see only the positive when everything seems dark, we may say that this moment of intense lock down, will undoubtedly have bonded many families and restored the desire to spend time together.





When Ukje was born almost 10 years ago, it was only natural that the values ​​that drive us should be reflected in our actions. Families are at the center of our creations and our accessories not only have a unique look, they also and above all have an ultimate goal, that of making life easier for parents.

Families exist from all over the world, on all continents. More or less numerous, more or less wealthy. We are fortunate to be able to make our articles known to European families, but what about those across the Atlantic. Of those who may not be able to afford an internet connection and accessories for their children's furniture.

For these families there, we also carry out actions. We donate 1% of our turnover to the Peruvian association Thanks to this, 20 Peruvian children are now in school, receiving food and care. Our dream? 3000 children sponsored in 2030! So that they can get a diploma, find a job and give their children a bright future.

We are happy to make ALL families happy :)




Our best holidays

Lock down, this term that will forever mark the year 2020 .... This term behind which hide many questions and uncertainties, among which, one that has probably been running through your mind for a few weeks now:

Can we go on vacation this summer?

In this regard, have you ever heard about the "staycation", or so to speak vacation at home?

For many taking a vacation also means GOING on vacation, traveling, whether in your own country or elsewhere, but doing a physical action, that of packing your bags and going to explore new landscapes, breathe new scents.

So certainly your summer vacation 2020 may rhyme with COVID, but that does not mean that we cannot have vacation experiences in our homes. One of the best things about it is to set up activities that we don't do every day.

Here is how to create a perfect stay at home where the atmosphere would evoke a `` love nest '' environment:

The living room

Your living space should inspire both creativity and calm. It is a space that can give you a feeling of escape during your vacation. If your furniture no longer enchants you, change it or recreate it. Change the pictures on the walls. Move the furniture to maximize space and offer more "zen". Rearrange your bookshelf and rediscover books that haven't caught your eye for a long time. Refreshing every two weeks can do wonders if you spend so much time in one space.

Stokke Cushion by Ukje.

If you're working from home everyday in your kitchen, hunched

What about the kitchen

 over your laptop, think of the best hotel lobbies you've ever come across. These are places that have a certain charme. Why? Because they have buzz and atmosphere. Try to recreate this by buying fresh flowers to keep by your side. A living thing to admire daily is good for the soul. Also think about the lights. Sit near an open window when working to receive natural light, this will increase your energy.

Make sure you have a cocktail or a non-alcoholic cocktail at 5 p.m. with the ingredients in sight to tempt you at 4:45 p.m :)


Cybex Lemo cover by Ukje




Home decor idea

Home decor idea

The days pass and ..... are alike, is that true ?

We can not deny that in this period of quarantine we no longer know what to do to occupy ourselves and make our daily lives a little more ... unexpected.

Certainly, there is work from home, school at home, keep cooking and carry on to make new recipes never tested, Youtube tutorials to create your own face mask, not to mention activities for children and of course the big question on which to spend his days philosophizing: When will quarantine end ?

But if there is one subject that prompts us to reinvent ourselves and is a source of energy and creativity for our own family and our children, it's our interior, and more precisely the choice of our home decor.

Today, more than ever, you can take the time to rethink your children's room, your kitchen, leaving room or even your garden!

The way we decorate our house often has an influence on our mind. Improving your interior is a simple and fun way to work on your well-being. 

So we say goodbye to the stress that this cursed coronavirus can have on our mood and we give way to the desire to adorn our children's furniture with luxurious, stylish, functional, comfortable, practical and eco-friendly accessories.

Finding inspiration, the details that make the difference, is not always easy. Fortunately the whole Ukje team is there to help you make your family life easier and harmonious.

This is why, we have chosen to create accessories for your Cybex car seat, Maxi-Cosi, your Stokke high chair, your Bugaboo stroller, or even your Babybjorn bouncer that you will not see anywhere else and that will make your interior unique!

Because if it is true that one of the first conditions we want from our children's accessories is comfort, safety and hygiene, a fashion touch is surely not to be left out.

What could be more original, comfortable and hygienic than sitting your child on one of our coated cushions for Stokke high chair:

coated cushion Stokke

Or, to let your baby swing on one of our soft and tailor made cover for your Babybjorn bouncer :

cover babybjorn bouncer

Not to mention your family holiday that you are all looking forward to and that you will have more than deserved, where your little one enjoys his cozy footmuff :

Set footmuff and cover cybex

Come and discover our coated cushions for Stokke, our covers for Cybex and Maxi-Cosi in original colors and prints, our luxurious universal footmuffs, our Oeko-Tex cotton covers for Babybjorn bouncer and much more ...

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